The Polypill Could Be the Next Big Life-Saving Breakthrough

Major cardiovascular events were more likely to occur in older heart disease patients who took a combination "polypill" made up of three separate drugs.

2,499 patients with a history of type 1 heart attack within the last six months in seven different European nations.

The polypill, which contains atorvastatin, ramipril, and aspirin, is given to half the patients.

The polypill patients' relative risk of dying from cardiovascular causes was reduced by 33%.

The polypill group had 48 cardiovascular death, while the usual-care group had 71.

After 15 years of work, the polypill trial are now here.

Every 40 seconds, a heart attack occurs in the US.  Every year, there are about 805,000 heart attacks in US.

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