What Basically DrBlog.in is ?

Heyy!! you must be curious to know what actually dr blog is all about, so why not get familiar with this, as the name of the website itself suggest that it’s all about health and care. Here I will provide you information related to various health issues, skin care, and also we will give a look on our inner body organs and also to disease and health issues related to that particular organ.

The main motive of DrBlog.in is to make you familiar with various health related topics so as to you can deal with it. Dr Dlog will provide information in easy and simple language and also with my own experiences that you can relate them to your day to day

How DrBlog.in came up?

DrBlog.in was not established becomes of my interest in blogging but it was established due to my passion for Medicine. DrBlog.in is an outcome of steers, depression, loneliness and failure during my very first attempt of medical entrance exam. My passion for Medicine and field related to it was so high that it dint only ended up being a dental student but also with a blog that has post related to health and care. As I am handling a blog which is of my interest so the whole word volume comes directly for my heart .

My connection with medical field will be more so will be my experience and that will lead to upcoming better articles which will help you to understand your own health problems more easily and hence DrBlog will help you to become your own personal health adviser.

Who am i ?

It’s important to get familiar with that person also who is providing you the information because it will build a bridge of trust between you and me, right !! So dear one I am Priyanka , perusing dental degree. I wanted to be an MBBS but unfortunately could not.. its life and we always don’t get what we want, but due to my passion I am here with a blog which not only connects me with medical but also give me chance to serve indirectly to you by providing information’s about various disease, virus bacteria in a simple and easy way.

I will Always add up my day to day experiences so that the article became more easy and enjoyable. you can also stay connected to me by :